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A typical two bedroom new build apartment in Brighton and Hove East Sussex would have over 60 snagging defects therefore when purchasing a new property in the Brighton and Hove area, it is important to have a snagging inspection and survey to help ensure that the quality and finish of your property is to the highest standard.

We were recently asked to inspect a two bedroom property in Brighton and Hove, although the property was of a high standard and specification we still raised over 60 snagging defects and issuses in our 30 page snagging inspection report. 

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"I have recently moved into my first new build property in Brighton and had been told about snagging inspections by a friend...


I would highly recommend Colm and the team over at Property Snagging to all who are moving into a new build! Thank you so much!"

Josh, Brighton, East Sussex.


Read Josh's full snagging review...

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